2019, April

Presentation of Rekebisho school at the Université Populaire de la Vallée verte in Haute-Savoie (France)

2019, March

Committee meeting with the teachers and the parents and elections of one room parent for each class

General meeting of the association on March 8th in Haute-Savoie (France)

Main decisions:

  • Budget rise for food according to the increasing number of pupils and fruit adding.
  • Stopping of the premises rentals because of the many damages.
  • Projects and purchases: the priority is to make the access to the water tank safe, to purchase desks and chairs for the teachers and books for the new programs.
  • As for the other projects: the building of an office above the kitchen, the setting of a canopy above the yard for sun or rain protection. We are waiting for the plans and we will study the options according to the available finances.
  • For the creation of the 2 last levels of the primary school, the feasability has to be studied: where and how?

2019, February

Intervention of German volunteers to paint the school walls

2019, January

Trip to Nairobi from January 15th to January 24th

The school is transformed by the construction works that have been made (kitchen, toilets...) and has attracted more children: 131 children now go to Rekebisho.
Last week in Rekebisho was very active with the committee and the teachers, the making of new benches and desks, of closets which can be locked, the repair of the floors and the inauguration with the Embassy.

The inauguration with the French Embassy in Nairobi and its representatives (the director of the Cooperation and Cultural action service and the project leader of the call for projects), the chiefs of the area, the Elder of the village and the parents have been a highlight for Rekebisho and an acknowledgment of the school evolution.
The children have told texts, they have sung and danced then a snack has been served to everyone. It was made of a delicious fruit salad which has been much appreciated by the children.

The main decisions taken during the meetings with the committee members and the teachers are the following ones:

  • 2 teachers are to be present for the monthly committee meeting.
  • Need to maintain the school and the cancellation of the renting of the premises.
  • Pay raise for the teachers.

2018, December

First aid training for the teachers

2018, October

Summer workshop at le Grand Bornand from the 08-10 to the 12-10

  • Results of the 6 last months in Rekebisho.
  • Debate on the future of the school and of the priorities. Shall the 2 last levels of Primary school be created? Shall an office above the kitchen and with an internet access be created for the teachers and the committee? Shall a metal roof over the schoolyard be built as a protection against the sun and the rain. Shall benches and desks be built larger for the pupils?
  • Updating of the power point presentation of Rekebisho.
  • Preparation of the trip to Nairobi which is to take place from the 15th January to 24th January.

Medical checkup for the children of the school

2018, September

Grant from the UP of Bonneville (Université Populaire)

Our secretary presented the association « Les Amis de Rekebisho » during the return party given at the UP.

The board decided to grant our association a yearly grant of 250 Euros. Furthermore, they offered to do a special grant demand to the UP for the buying of school material.

2018, August

As soon as the grants were given, the construction started and was led during the holidays. The school now has a kitchen, toilets, sinks and running water!
School started again in September.

Connection to running water and tank installation on the roof of the kitchen.

Tiling of the new toilets and toilets installation.

Installation of the sanitary bloc and walls painting.

Installation of the closets, of a stove and a work plan in the kitchen.
Connection to electicity.

2018, July

After a 6 months probation, Florence ans Wilberforce’s salaries are increased.

Grant from the Embassy
The grant from the Embassy is granted but the budget has been lowered. The grants cover the hygiene and health objectives. No finances for the school material have been given and the amount is 3444 Euros and we are paying the rest of the project.

2018, April

General assembly of the association.

The following main decisions were made for 2018 :

  • Rise of the teachers’ salary according to the grid proposed by the committee ;
  • Progressing financing according to the funding from the Embassy, to the end of the rebuilding of the toilets and of the kitchen, to the purchase of the classes and kitchen material, to the installation of a water tank linked to the public water network, to the building of an office above the kitchen and the toilets ;
  • Changes in the composition of the board and in the statutes of the association : appointment of a new treasurer and a new assistant treasurer, change of address of the head office which will now be at the place of residence of the presidency and the term of office of the president 5 maximum years.

Operation rice bowl: the project has been presented through a power point presentation by two members of Rekebisho to the children of a school in Cluses. The children only ate a rice bowl at the school cafeteria and the money thus saved has been given to Rekebisho.

A 1370 euros cheque is given by the headmaster of the school in Cluses.

2018, March

Visit of the school by the project leader of the Embassy.

The Representative of the Embassy with the whole team: the teachers and the committee.

2018, January

  • Starting of the construction site of the restrooms in compliance with the standards: and 1 men’s toilet , 1 urinal, 2 women’s toilets and 1 toilet for the staff ;
  • Starting of the construction site of the new kitchen inside the school premises ;
  • A grant aid has been requested to the Cultural cooperation service of the French Embassy in Nairobi within a call for project for the funding of facilities such as classrooms, the toilets and the kitchen.

Beginning of the toilet’s and of the kitchen’s building

New tiled toilets

In the building : the kitchen on the right, and the toilets on the left

Inside the new kitchen

2018, January

Our treasurer Christian died after a long illness. He has done a lot for REKEBISHO, always with energy and passion. He was very much loved by the members of the committee and the children.

2017, December

Purchase of a new barrack adjoining the school, to extend the surface and allow the building of the new kitchen and the new toilets.

2017, November

The members of the bureau of the organization “les Amis de REKEBISHO” came to REKEBISHO school. Meetings with the teachers and the members of the committee . The following subjects were discussed

  • the projects such as the building of new toilets and of a new kitchen on the school ground ;
  • the financial problems: the cost of living went up in Nairobi and the actual wages of the teachers only allow them to survive. It’s therefore necessary to increase the wage ;
  • the reforms implemented by the ministry of education in KENYA acknowledging the informal schools such as REKEBISHO.

Songs of welcome in the school yard

Trip to a park with games and animals

2017, October

Work to build new toilet drainage by digging 9 meters deep. Connection to the general sewer of the slum and leveling of the school grounds.

A committee member’s house was completely destroyed in a fire. Johny, the member, lost everything but fortunately, there was no victim. We helped him financially to rebuild his house.

2017, September

Summer Workshops from 13-15 September at the Grand Bornand:

  • Discussions concerning the projects realized since last meeting in March 2017
  • Examination of future projects: Sanitary Solution is urgent : New commodities connected to public network. Purchase of a water tank and later creation of an office for educational team, a better equipped kitchen. And water supply.
  • Organization of the next trip to Nairobi from 22 to 30/11/17. On the program: to make a new film showing the evolutions of school, to discuss Kenya's school reforms, to study the imposed norms to become a school recognized by the government

2017, August

Painting of the class walls.

A big problem arises: the toilets have become unusable due to the clogged drainage and no glance allowing the unclogging. They are condemned as a result of health risks linked to a cholera epidemic in Nairobi. Children must use a toilet outside the school and must be accompanied by an adult each time.

2017, July

After the destruction of the adjoining house, rebuilding of the school wall, moving the main school door opposite the kitchen.

2017, June

Plastering of the class walls, making of metallic cupboard with a key to keep the educational material.

2017, April

Purchase of a house adjoining the school to enlarge the surface and make new toilets.

2017, March the 17th


Funding of the training of 2 teachers ; Funding of finishing works: plastering of walls and installation of wall cupboards in 2 new classrooms; the purchase of the adjoining house; preparation for new sanitary facilities (drainage of sewage), connection to running water.

For « Les Amis de Rekebisho » : Partial renewal of memberships and increasing number of members.

2017, January the 24th to February the 2nd


The School still welcomes about 100 children, but the committee recruited a fourth teacher for the children aged 10 to 13 (level 3 and 4). This allows having fewer children per class in the primary grades.
Once a month, the children go to a big playground which is about 10 minutes away from the school. Members of the committee, as well as teachers, accompany the children and organize many games for their stimulation.

Two blackboards have been renewed, we also replaced school desks and benches and we bought books containing the new school programs, a huge pan and a jiko for the kitchen as well as watches for the four teachers.

A new member had brought some children tales books and English singing books with illustrations. This was appreciated by the school teachers and the school musician.

About partnerships: we met the chief of the local administration office and a “Village Elder”, a person chosen by the Village to settle the problems.

About the project for the school development: lthe committee and teachers validated the project of the purchase of an adjoining house to increase the size of the school. Further Priorities are to get toilets, sewers, a water reserve, sinks for better sanitation .Today the lack of water is a problem in Mukuru Slum.

We noted the reform imposing NGOs to pay contributions diseases and retirement pensions for the employees as well as of the important project of the reform of the Kenyan school system.

2016, september

Bad news: There was a great fire just around the school of Rekebisho.
Part of a wall collapsed, part of the roof burned. The house of the teacher Charlet has completely burned and the house of Eunice, the principal, was affected.
The playground is no longer because the administration wants to put a traffic lane instead of it.
We however managed to get back swings and slides.

Fortunately, there were no casualties in the school through the firewall that we funded. It is now necessary to rebuild the wall, the roof, the courtyard and the front door.

Your donations are welcome. Thanks for them.

The wall

Le roof

The playground

Around Rekebisho

2016, 24-26 August

In Habère-Lullin (74)

Workshops between members of Lorraine and Rhone Alps including a reflection on access to care for people of Mukuru slum and projects for school: school expansion, sanitation, access to water current…

2016, June

In Mukuru, by the team REKEBISHO

Equipment of the playground with slide and swings

2016, May

By the team of Rekebisho

  • Raising the floor of the high class to prevent water of the outdoor courtyard entering into the classroom in case of heavy rains. In addition, the step was dangerous for smaller.
  • Repair of two small classes with stone walls, doors and windows.

2016, April

In Mukuru, by the team REKEBISHO

Installation of removable walls between classes to modulate the size of the rooms according to the teachings.
This work was carried out during the school holidays.

2016, February

Contact with the League of Education 54 to consider participation and assistance in fundraising (Contact current).

2016, January

Travel for 2 members of the board in Nairobi to meet the REKEBISHO team with the following objectives:

  • Development of the school's expansion project with the committee
  • Evaluation of the new committee functioning and parental involvement
  • Support and promotion of teachers. Census work tools, evaluation of their dynamics and their needs…
  • Presentation of the film "Children of Rekebisho", translated into English so that the committee may examine it and can eventually use it on site
  • Administrative approaches to the government service of NGOs in Kenya

Members of the committee and the teachers

Transformation of the alley in playground

The currrent kitchen and the cook Carolina

The nap time

2015, 24-27 August

In Habère-Lullin (74)

Workshops around a global reflection on the relations between REKEBISHO and AMIS REKEBISHO and upcoming projects and August 27 evening meeting : discussion with members of the association (Haute-Savoie and Lorraine).

2015, 7-10 April

Holding of General Meetings in La Roche-sur-Foron (74) and in Essey-les-Nancy (54).

2015, 4 May

Organization of a concert with the choir "Slowly the Bass" in La Roche-sur-Foron to benefit REKEBISHO with screening of the movie made about REKEBISHO.

2015, May

Contact the Assisi Foundation, a subsidiary of the foundation of France for help in fundraising.


In Mukuru by the team REKEBISHO

  • The number of students rose to 100
  • The Principal of the school was trained and obtained the state diploma. There are now 3 teachers
  • Replacement of roof above the main classroom
  • Purchase of benches, tables and school uniforms

2014, 24 november to 4 december

Travel for 2 members of the board in Nairobi to meet the team REKEBISHO with shooting and interviews of members for making the movie about REKEBISHO.

2014, October the 18th

Organization of a concert with the choir "Croque-Notes" in Essey-les-Nancy (54) in favor of REKEBISHO

2014, 24-30 August

In Habère-Lullin (74)

Workshops with members of "FRIENDS of REKEBISHO" with development of objects made by the team REKEBISHO for sale at upcoming concerts, rugs for "baby room" and August the 27th, extraordinary General Meeting with establishment of a sub-section in Haute-Savoie.

2014, March the 27th

General meeting in Essey les Nancy (54).


In Mukuru by the team REKEBISHO

  • Construction of a firewall boundary wall.
  • Construction of a toilet area with 2 squat toilet.

2013, September

Travel for 2 members of the board in Nairobi to meet the team REKEBISHO.

2012, February

Trip of a member of the board in Nairobi to give the school Rekebisho an electrical installation with a minimum of security (electric wires in tubes, fuses, ...).

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